About us

WAIDT Services Australia (WSA) is an experienced in Facility Management procurement and the ongoing management of hard and soft services for small, medium and large, geographically diverse property portfolios

WSA’s Facility Management procurement and ongoing management of services is a process in which WSA harness its skills in the facility management industry to best optimize sustainable and competitive advantages for our customers. Utilising WSA’s procurement and operational management process, develops a secure and responsive supply base that is capable of providing quality, delivery, costs, flexibility and services to meet the current and future business needs of our clients.

WSA’s, management has over 26 years operational experience in the Facility Management industry. We have operated in all property types including residential, commercial and industrial, for government and private clients.

WSA have provided technical advice to clients that allow for informed decisions to be made on the operational program and manage the flexible nature of works programs. This flexibility has been achieved by maintaining a high level of communication to all parties.

WSA have provided input and co-ordination to multi-site annual facilities operational budget processes. Liaison between on-site Facility managers, head office management and clients through the facilitation of budget meetings and analysing the required budgets to meet the clients financial requirements. If required this has been completed on a task by task, line by line basis to ensure the financial obligations and operational requirements were achieved.

The locations WSA have completed works Australia wide include, all capital cities and regional centers. WSA staff have been deployed for extended and short term assignments to the Pacific, Asian, and Middle Eastern locations, including hostile and challenging environments. WSA undertook property inspections and assisted on site Facility Managers with implementation of programmed works

WSA staff hold or have held Australian Government sponsored security clearances

Facility Management procurement sourcing and the ongoing management of services is not a solo effort. We partner with our clients to drive value creation by leveraging our mutual time, knowledge-base, sourcing experience, resources and tools.

WSA’s cost reduction initiatives include benchmarking current spends against the marketplace best practice, spend analysis, supplier identification and qualification, strategic sourcing event management, negotiation with suppliers, and process/compliance improvements.

WSA’s goal is to help our clients gain value for money while improving all qualitative aspects to our or our clients existing relationships with services providers. WSA is able to procure and manage our clients facility management service requirements.